Gimp Girls Rule - Miss Buddy Hayes, CTRS & Ellie
Here is the link for Canine Companions for Independence where I got my service dog Ellie. You can get all the information you need on their website. They are a national non-profit that provides service dogs for free to folks with disabilities.
This is the link to the National MS Society. They provide a wide range of services for people living with MS. The link will take you to the We Keep Moving Forward project and you can watch a video about living my life with MS.
PVA is the Paralyzed Veterans of America. This group helps veterans like me get the medical care that we need. They were a huge help to me when I was trying to get my service connection benefits for my MS. They are supported by donations. Here is the link
DAV is the Disabled American Veterans. This groups helps veterans like me. They put on a variety of national sports events like the summer and winter sports clinics as well as the creative arts festival. They are supported by donations. Here is the link.
When you have a wheelchair you need new tires from time to time. With the VA this can take a LONG time. So what do when I need tubes and/or ties? I just head over to Bike-N-Sport in Santa Fe and they do an excellent job! Most bike shops will not even work on a wheelchair but my go to guy at Bike-N-Sport, Pedro, fixes my chair right up. Here is the link to there website:
American Veterans with Brain Injuries is an organization that I am a member of. They provide peer support, medical alert tags and information that may be needed, wallet cards that explain what a brain injury is (in plain terms) as at times the public is unaware of this often unseen injury that can lead to social problems when in public. Please check out their website and donate if you are able.
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